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About JWI

Just Water International Limited operates in New Zealand in the supply of water coolers, drinking water and filters for the home and office market.

New Zealand:

The Company’s base business is the supply of water coolers and filters to businesses and organisations nationwide Virtually all water coolers derive a recurring income either from monthly rental, water sales or maintenance agreements if the customer owns the unit.
The Company started its business in 1987, supplying the Easi-Fill water-cooler and filter. Customers filter their own water into a 15 litre bottle, which is then placed on the cooler ready for drinking. 
In 2001, the Company acquired an Office Water Delivery Company, Cool Water, and in 2005, acquired Aqua-Cool, the largest water delivery company in New Zealand. The business predominantly supplies micro-filtered municipal water to its customers, and filtered mineral spring water.  An increasing number of customers are taking its flavoured, vitamin C water, VitaBlast©.
The Company also supplies point-of-use coolers under its brand name ‘Direct Connect®’.  No 15 litre bottle is required.  These coolers are plumbed directly into the mains and water passes through a filter before reaching the water cooler.
In 2008, Just Water launched a Home Delivery programme through its Aqua-Cool division The business now has 10,000 clients taking a minimum of two bottles of water per fortnight.

The Company services water coolers which customers own.  Most of these serviced coolers were supplied by the Company, although it also services the water coolers of competitors to Drinksafe International® standards.
The Company has recently launched the ‘Just Water Filter’ which is sold online and through appointed agents.  The advantage of this filter is that it filters all the cold water coming through the standard kitchen mixer tap, and therefore no ugly additional spout requiring a hole in the bench top is needed. As customers buy a new Just Water Filter, they automatically enter Just Water’s Filter Replacement Programme, which gives the Company a recurring income from the sale of filter cartridges and ensures water quality for customers.
In August 2011, the Company acquired a corporate plant hire business, Creative Images which will further extend its reach in the office services market. The Company believes that by taking this opportunity, it gives it the chance to grow more rapidly than if it had stayed as a pure water cooler company and grown organically.


Just Water International Limited is an entrepreneurial company, which will continue to take opportunities as they arise. Now with 25 years of operation, the company continues to build on its strong base for the future.