Safe - Secure - Sustainable

Environment and CSR

Just Water International has developed a comprehensive environmental programme. This is evidence of our commitment to the environment.  Just Water International group is working to minimise the direct environmental impact we have as a company and are aware that our operations will always have some environmental footprint.  We have named this conscientious reduction programme ‘Environment Plus’.
New Zealanders throw away 3.6 million tonnes of rubbish every year. If we were to measure this in 9 tonne buses it would equate to 400,000 buses of rubbish - that's more than 1,000 buses every day.  Around 65% of our rubbish could be recycled or composted instead.  Over 50% of rubbish thrown in landfills comes from businesses. 8 out of every 10 plastic drink bottles end up in landfill.  Our delivery water has low miles as it’s locally sourced. Source: Relocate. 

Australian’s are, per person, the highest greenhouse gas emitters in the world.  Each year they emit more than 43.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. That’s an average of 2,080 kilograms of waste per person. Every Clearwater cooler install saves the environment 254 kilograms of carbon emission. Source: Planet Ark. 

The Environment Plus Programme

The ‘Environment Plus’ programme was developed and contributed to by staff across both Australia and New Zealand. We continually and actively explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Staff submitted some terrific ideas on areas where carbon reduction could be made.  These spanned basic areas of office, transport, electricity, communication, recycling, sales, and community.  All ideas were then evaluated on cost to implement, practicality, innovation, and savings potential.  The first phase of Environment Plus focuses on low cost to implement, practicality and the potential of savings to the company. 

Environmental Management Policy Statement

At JWI we take our commitment to sustainability and the environment very seriously.  We consider that our operations are sustainable when they are socially safe and responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable.   JWI has systems in place to manage our environmental impacts. These are integrated into our business through management and reporting, and our responsible commercial business practices.   The company Environment Plus programme focuses on the 3R rule - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and an absolute policy of Refill, not Landfill.

Managing Our Operational Waste

At JWI we are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. The main waste produced by our offices, call centers’, service and delivery operations are paper, printer toner cartridges, packaging material and IT equipment. We provide recycling points in our offices to encourage employees to recycle, and promote double-sided printing to save paper.  We also separate organics such as food scraps into compost and a worm farm, and collect non-organic items for recycling.
All of our 15 litre water bottles are fully recyclable, and serve the business with a life measured in years. Bottles are then recycled again by being manufactured into road barriers, cones and playground safety mats.